Heritage Elementary continues to make academic gains in math, language arts and reading by empowering students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be successful. At Heritage, parents, students and educators work together to ensure continued growth and success through collaboration, excellent instruction, goal setting and a positive learning culture.

Focus areas for success include:

      • General classroom instruction through a challenging and engaging curriculum
      • Specific target on language arts interventions to ensure students receive a specific and targeted focus
      • Math & Writing Enrichment classes help high achieving students stay engaged
      • Behavior support system celebrating student success

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Elementary students showing their art pieces.

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Online Registration for

2019/2020 year opens

July 1, 2019: Grades 1st - 12th



Registration 2019/2020

Follow the instructions below to get registered either as a returning student or new student.
For registration assistance, contact the school office or call Vivian Goné at 801-737-7290 or Carol Tonks at 801-737-8832


Student is currently or was previously enrolled in Ogden School District




Returning student registration is intended for students who have previously attended Ogden School District K-12 (including students transferring from Kindergarten to Elementary, from Elementary to Junior High or from Junior High to High School). You will need to login to the portal (Aspire) as a parent, not as a student. If you are unable to login to or create a portal account, you will need to contact your student's school for assistance. Visit our school listing and use the number there to contact the school office.


Student has never been enrolled in Ogden School District


A student who has never previously attended Ogden School District will need documentation which includes the student's Birth Certificate, Immunization records and Proof of Residence.


  1. Parent/Guardian Driver's License.
  2. Proof of Residency (2 forms) in parent/guardian's name.
  3. Student' Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Official State Birth Certificate with notary/seal. (The birth notice from hospital is no sufficient)
  4. Student's Current Immunization Records.

Instruction for ASPIRE Parent Account

Parent/Guardian SIS Access
How to create a SIS contact access account

Before you get started, you will need to request your child’s student ID number from the school secretary.

Step 1: Request a Username

If you have not created an account, click on Request a Username from the SIS login screen. (https://sis.ogdensd.org/Login.aspx)


Step 2: Student Information

  • Enter your student’s ID (provided by your school secretary)
  • Enter Birth date
  • click on Lookup Student


Step 3: Set-up Username and Password

  • Select your contact information (your name should appear as a contact, if not listed, please contact your student’s school for further information).
  • Create your Username and Password
  • Confirm Student
  • Create AccountSIS_Account_Creation_3

Your account is now created, you may log in and view your child/children’s grades, attendance, Tardy, missing assignments, email the child’s teacher, update your address, phone number and contact information. You may also subscribe to receive daily emails with grades, attendance, tardy’s and missing assignments.



School Fees - Pay Online

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La inscripción en línea para

el año 2019/2020 se abre el

1 de julio de 2019: Grados 1° - 12°





Registro 2019/2020

Siga las instrucciónes a continuación para inscribirse como un estudiante de reingreso o nueve




El alumno está o estuvo inscrito previamente en el distrito escolar de Ogden



Regreso de registración para estudiantes está dirigido a estudiantes que han asistido previamente el distrito escolar de Ogden de los grados K-12 (incluyendo estudiantes que pasan de la primaria a la secundaria o de la secundaria a la preparatoria). Tednrá que iniciar sesión en el portal (Aspire) como padre, no como estudiante. Si no puede iniciar sesión o crear una cuenta en el portal, debreá ponerse en contacto con la escuela de su hijo para obtener ayuda. Visite nuestra lista de la escuela y use el número allí para comunicarse con la oficina de la escuela.

El estudiante nunca ha sido inscrito en el Distrito Escolar de Ogden


Un estudiante que nunca antes haya asistido al Distrito Escolar de Ogden necesitará documentación que incluya el certificado de nacimiento del estudiante, los registros de immunización y la prueba de residencia.


  1. Licencia de conducir de padre/tutor.
  2. Prueba de residencia (2 formularios) a nombre del padre/tutor.
  3. Certificado de nacimiento del acta de nacimiento del estado oficial con notario/sello. (El aviso de nacimiento del hospital no es suficiente)
  4. Registros de vacunación actuales del estudiante.

Cómo Registrar so cuenta de padres ASPIRE

Acceso SIS para padres/tutores

Cómo crear una curenta de acceso de contacto SIS

Antes de empezar, debrá solicitar el número de identificación de estudiante de su hijo(a) a la escuela.

Paso 1: Solicitar un nombre de usuario

Si no ha creado una cuenta, haga clic en solicite un nombre de usuario desde la pantalla de inicio de sesión de SIS. (http://ogdensd.org/Login.aspx.)


Paso 2: Información del estudiante

  • Ingreses su identifación de estudiante (proporcionado por la secretaria de la escurela)
  • Ingreses su fecha de nacimiento
  • Clic en buscar estudiante


Peso 3: Configurar nombre de usuario y contraseña

  • Seleccione su Información de contracto (su nombre debe aparecer como contacto, si no está en la lista, por favor contacte a la escuela de su estudiante para obtener más información.)
  • Crea tu nombre de usuario y contraseña
  • Confirmar estudiante
  • Crear cuenta


Ahora se ha creado su cuenta, puede iniciar sesión y ver las calificaciones de su estudiante(s), asistencia, retardos, tareas pendientes, puede enviar un correo electrónico al maestro de su estudiante, actualizar su dirección, número de teléfono e información de contacto. También puede suscribirse para recibir correos electrónicos diariamente con las calificaciones, asistencia, retardos y tareas faltantes.



Tarifas de la escuela - Pague en línea

What We Are Learning




Mrs. Ewing
Mrs. Krumperman
Mrs. Meunier
Mrs. Walters


Our kindergartners have been growing so much! They are learning their letter names and sounds and numbers. Keep working hard with them on their letters and numbers. We as a grade have a goal to have all of their letter names and sounds by winter break. This way we can focus more on reading when they return. Keep working hard and thank you for all you do with your students.

Kindergarten students learn a wide variety of things, both academically and socially. A monthly newsletter is sent home by each teacher outlining homework, theme, and upcoming events.


Students should come to Kindergarten knowing most letters (between 15 and 20). They should know the letters in their own name. Bu the end of Kindergarten, students should recognize all letter names and sounds. They should also be able to write all upper and lower case letters.


Students should recognize colors, shapes, and numbers 1-5 when they enter Kindergarten. By the end of the year, students should be able to recognize and write the numbers to 20, count to at least 30, and will be starting to add and subtract.


Our reading curriculum is ERI (Early Reading Intervention). This helps children to identify letter sounds and begin blending sounds into words.

Students should be able to write sight words and basic sentences by the end of Kindergarten.


Students will use the program "Handwriting Without Tears" to learn correct letter formation.


Developmental Skills


  • Keeping hands and feet to self
  • Zipping or buttoning coat, shirt, pants
  • Tying shoes
  • Holding a pencil correctly
  • Writing his/her first name
  • Holding scissors correctly
  • Toileting skills (If this is an issue for your child, you may want to pack an extra set of clothes in their backpack with a plastic bag.)



We love to partner with you in helping your child succeed. If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please set this up ahead of time with your child's teacher. Each teacher has individual procedures for parent volunteers. You can do a variety of things such as tutoring children in reading, math, or writing. You can also help with administrative details like making copies or bulletin boards for the teacher.


Kindergarten Schedule

7:45 am Optional Breakfast
8:10 am First Bell Rings
8:15 am Tardy Bell Rings
10:45-11:15 am Lunch
2:30 pm Dismissal

Early Dismissal
8:10 am - 12:40 pm



First Grade

Ms. Olter

Mrs. Holder

Mrs. Hunsaker




First Grade Compact


Dear Families,

It's hard to believe it's May already! We are so excited about the progress the kids have made this year! Thank you all so much for all of your support this year.

We will be going to The Dinosaur Park on May 15. We will send home a detailed note about this field trip.

The last day of school is on Friday, May 26. It is a minimum day for students. They are dismissed at 12:40.

Thank you again for a great year!

~First Grade Teachers

Helpful Websites for First Grade Parents and Students

Mrs. Holder’s Blog

Learn to Read at Starfall

PBS Kids

Spelling City


Google’s kid safe search engine

Google's kid safe search engine

Husky Technology


Second Grade

Mrs. Hellmann
Mrs. Giles
Mrs. Harper


Second Grade School Compact

Helpful Links for Second Grade Students

Math Fact Practice

Arcademic Skill Builders

More Starfall Second Grade Math Skills

Khan Academy

Toon University Math

A kid safe visual search engine from Google


Third Grade

Fourth Grade


Mrs. Young
Mrs. Washington
Ms. Perry



Fourth Grade School Compact


Fourth grade is preparing for CIA II. We will take it the week of December 12-16, 2016. Parents support your student by making sure they get a good night's sleep and a good breakfast every morning. Students should be to school everyday and on time. On December 13th we will be attending the "Nutcracker" ballet at the Egyptian Theater . The bus will leave the school at 12:00 P.M. and return at the end of the school day. We would like parent volunteers to chaperone. If your would like to chaperone contact your student's teacher. December 20th is a minimum day and pajama day. Each class will be celebrating the season in a special way during the course of the morning. Contact your student's teacher if you have any questions. Enjoy the Holiday Season with you family and friends. Season's Greetings,

Fourth Grade Team,

Mrs. Edgell, Mr. Roghaar and Mrs. Washington

Useful Links for 4th Grade Students & Parents


50 States

Everything Fossils

Virtual Fossil Museum

I Love Utah History

Build an Online Habitat

USGS Water Cycle

Practice Metric Conversions

Aesop’s Fables Online

Utah History To Go



Fifth Grade


Mrs. D’Agostini
Mrs. Croft
Mrs. Yi



Fifth Grade School Compact

Here's what we'll be learning this month in Fifth Grade:

Sage Testing

We will be taking our math test the first week of May. Any students who were absent during the other tests will also finish up their make up testing. Please make sure your child comes to school well rested and ready for testing.

State Reports

This month fifth grade is completing state reports! Every fifth grade student will be assigned a state. Most of the research and work will be done at school. However, students will be required to make a float representing their state and most of that work will be done at home. More information will come home with your student. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Important Dates:

May 6- Husky Hero Assembly at 9:45

May 9- We will be going to the Aquarium on a field trip. This will be all day field trip, we will leave at 8:30 and return at 2:00. We need some parent volunteers to go with us. If you are interested, please talk to your child's teacher.

Remember that Tuesdays are University Spirit Days-- wear your University or College colors.
Fridays are School Spirit Days-- Show your School Spirit by wearing your school t-shirt, Husky Hero shirt, or blue and grey.

Khan Academy

50 States


Houghton Mifflin Reading

Click on the Reading tab, then on Trophies, then on the books. The password for home use is beck.

Roz’s Matharama


Sciber Text

Colonial Period Activities & Games

Revolutionary War

Colonial Williamsburg

Ology for Kids

Spelling City


Sixth Grade

Mrs. Kofroth
Mrs. Dunn
Mr. Taylor

Sixth Grade School Compact

Sixth Grade Disclosure Pamphlet


Sixth Grade Read & Respond Form

What we are learning…


English Language Arts: We have finished our Language Arts SAGE testing! Yes! Our students were focused and determined to get the scores they were shooting for. We won’t receive SAGE scores until later this month. Now that testing for Language Arts is through, the students will be learning more about William Shakespeare, his poems, and his plays. It will be fun to learn more about him and maybe even act out a few of his plays!

Writing: Our Writing testing is over as well. We will be concentrating on making sure the students are where they need to be for Highland in writing. We will also be doing a fun project to make a ‘How to Survive 6th Grade’ book for the upcoming 6th graders. It will be fun!

Mathematics:We are in the midst of testing for Math. There has been a lot of reviewing. After the test, we will have some lessons about Financial Literacy. The students will be learning about bank accounts, budgeting, and other good tips about money. Towards the end of the month, we will be making sure they know what they need to know for Highland math classes next year. We have been in contact with 7th grade Math teachers over at Highland and they mentioned what the students will need to know starting junior high. This will be centered around fractions, decimals, and whole numbers. We’ll get these 6th graders ready for Highland in no time!

Science: In Science, we plan to focus on fun experiments for the next couple of weeks. We will be making solar ovens and learning more about space, heat, and light. These will be a fun ‘end of the day’ activity for the students to participate in.

Other News and Friendly Reminders

Homework: We expect all students to be reading at home for at least 20 minutes a night. They receive their homework every Thursday/Friday. It is due on the Thursday of the following week.

Testing: We are beginning testing this month so please have your student to school every single day so they don’t get behind! Also help them to Dress for Success so they can feel good about themselves during these tests and during all of the reviewing we will be doing for the tests.THEY CAN DO IT!!!

Important Dates

12/12-12/19 – CIA Testing

12/19 – WSU Basketball Game

12/20 – Half Day School

12/21-01/02 – Winter Break

Door of Success:

D-Directions, follow directions the first time

O-On Task, Be on task

O-Objects, Keep objects, feet and hands to self

R-Respect, Be respectful, responsible, and safe

Links for Sixth Grade Students

Khan Academy Login

Ology: Astronomy

Persuasive Writing Map

Function Machine 1

Heritage Manga High