Waterford UPSTART provides four-year-old children access to the highest form of academic support in their early education at no cost to participantspersonalized family education and coaching, a new computer and Internet if needed, and adaptive educational software

The average Waterford UPSTART graduate enters kindergarten reading at nearly a first-grade level and maintains their gains for years to come.


Internet Access at Home

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Families may qualify for discounted home internet service* for personal use from an independent vendor by visiting www.internetessentials.com or contacting 855-846-8376

Families may request a wireless internet access device** (hotspot) for school use by completing the linked form and submitting it to the student’s school.

*This program is not affiliated with Ogden School District
**Subject to qualifying terms and availability

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Heritage Elementary continues to make academic gains in math, language arts and reading by empowering students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be successful. At Heritage, parents, students and educators work together to ensure continued growth and success through collaboration, excellent instruction, goal setting and a positive learning culture.

Focus areas for success include:

  • General classroom instruction through a challenging and engaging curriculum
  • Behavior support system celebrating student success
  • Math & Writing Enrichment classes help high achieving students stay engaged
  • Specific target on language arts interventions to ensure students receive a specific and targeted focus

A reminder from your technology team:

If more than one student will be using a single computer, ensure that they log-out of all resources completely to prevent log-in conflicts between their accounts.  Signing out and restarting the computer after each use is an easy way to ensure this.

For assistance while using the school's technology resources, please contact Leslie Youngberg or Dave Cooper.

Recordatorio de nuestro equipo de tecnología:

Si más de un estudiante estará usando la misma computadora, asegúrese de que se cierren la sesión completamente para prevenir conflictos de inicio de sesión de cuentas personales. Cerrar la sesión y apagar y prender de nuevo la computadora después de cada uso es la manera más fácil para asegurarse de que esto no suceda.
Para asistencia cuando esté usando nuestros recursos de tecnología, por favor contacte a Leslie Youngberg o Dave Cooper.

Connecting to Wi-fi Hotspots

During the COVID-19 situation, X-finity is providing free access to their internet hotspots.  A map of them may be found here.

To connect your device, ensure wi-fi is enabled and select the connection name "xfinitywifi"

For more detailed information, or if you are having trouble connecting, Xfinity's instructions and troubleshooting page can be found here.

Conexión a un punto de acceso de Wi-Fi

Durante la situación de COVID-19, Xfinity provee acceso gratuito a sus puntos de acceso de internet. Puede encontrar un mapa de los puntos de acceso aquí.

Para conectar su dispositivo electrónico, asegúrese de que su wi-fi está disponible, luego seleccione la conexión “xfinitywifi”.
Para información más detallada, o si tiene problemas conectándose, la página con las instrucciones y soluciones a problemas de Xfinity están aquí.