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Tracy Vandeventer, Heritage Elementary principal


Dear Heritage Elementary Parents:

I want to let you know about some of the things we are working on to improve our school. Our Community Council recently approved our Land Trust Plan for next year. Community Council is an elected group of parents and teachers who identify the greatest academic needs of our students. Then they decide how to address that academic need. Additionally, each year, the legislature allocates Land Trust Funds to help schools fund a plan to help with student academics.

This coming year, the Community Council wants to focus on improving reading. So, we will use Land Trust Funds to pay for a half time teacher to work with reading intervention. We have been doing the same thing this year, and we have seen students make significant growth in reading. In addition to the teacher, we will use Land Trust funds to hire two reading staff assistants. The staff assistants will be assigned to work in each teacher’s classroom for one hour during reading instruction. The staff assistants will work with small reading groups to help students gain deeper reading comprehension skills. You can see the complete plan by visiting our Community Council webpage: (enter link).

As we continue to strive to improve our literacy instruction, we always want to encourage parents to participate in their child’s academic success as well. The best way to help your child succeed academically is to have your children read to you for at least 20 minutes each day. Thank you for your interest in a support of our school and your child’s education!

Principal Tracy Vandeventer


Heritage Elementary

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